Here's our history in a nutshell...

The Continuing Learning Group has come out of the Senior Learners' Programme, which was founded in 2006 as part of the Department of Continuing Education's long commitment to supporting older people's learning and Lancaster University's ongoing widening access and participation agenda.

In 2009-10 a Government Transformation Fund project, the 'New Learning Adventure', was the basis of a very productive learning partnership between the Department of Continuing Education and Lancaster and Morecambe University of the Third Age (U3A).

These partnerships and projects continue, but have moved from the Department of Continuing Education to the Centre for Ageing Research under a new name - The Continuing Learning Group.

And this is us now...

The programme runs on Wednesdays and consists of regular Lunchtime Lectures on a whole range of topics with plenty of chance to ask questions and explore the themes.

Open Lectures are available where older learners have a chance to attend a selection of undergraduate lectures in a variety of subjects.

The Research Circle runs every week during term times, on Wednesday afternoons. It is both sociable and educational and is where much of our learning takes place. Participants can choose to take part in one of our discussion groups focused around Centre for Ageing Research (C4AR) projects, Open/Lunchtime Lectures, or Personal Research Studies.

Using this web based Senior-Learners-Forum, members of the Continuing Learning Group, those thinking of joining,
and those further afield or housebound who would like to participate in some way, can stay in touch, find out news and
contribute ideas and research findings.

The CLG have strong Research Ambitions and, to date, have contributed to a large number of research projects being
carried out by Ph.D. students and organisations. We are eager to expand on this aspect of the programme.

Our constitution can be found here: