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Chris Coates and Dave Barrett on Senior Cohousing...

Can co-housing for older people offer a convivial and sustainable life-style for older people in the 21st Century?
Chris is a time-served carpenter who now works as project manager on community based construction projects. He was part of the management team for the ground-breaking Cohousing project at Halton and has previously worked on projects for the Ecology Building society and Welfare State International.
Dave plans, along with his wife, to become resident in the new Halton Senior Cohousing development when it comes to fruition.
In this talk, we hear of the possibilities that cohousing can open to older people and hear about another successful cohousing project in London which has led the way.

Janet RM.jpg

Janet Ross on John Ross...

2018 is the 200 years Anniversary of the first British Scientific Expedition to the Arctic. Led by Captain John Ross, a forgotten hero of Victorian exploration. The expedition had the wrong equipment, an unsuitable crew and no clear leader, but led to many exciting discoveries including the location of the magnetic north pole and strategies for survival in the most inhospitable climate imaginable. In this lecture, Steering Group member Janet takes us all on an exploration into the life and times of this fascinating explorer.

GB 0144180.jpg

Gill Baynes on the Human Genome Project...

You will remember Gill from her recent sessions where she presented us with excellent lectures on medical ethics and various aspects of medical research. We were very pleased to welcome Gill (now a member of our Steering Group) back to present her lecture on the fascinating subject of the Human Genome Project.

Brian H.jpg
Brian on Chippendale...

Sam Clark.jpg

Sam Clarke on Transformative Experience...

Dr Sam Clarke is interested in the self; in good and bad lives it might lead; in its reflexive powers and practices; in the roles of experience, reflection, and institutions in its development and success; and in how to do philosophy so as to advance our understanding of these issues. In this lecture Sam focused on transformative experiences and their effe t on the self.

Brian H.jpg

Brian Hodgson on Thomas Chippendale...

In this second of his lectures on Thomas Chippendale Dr Brian Hodgson conveys something of the materials and techniques Chippendale (or rather his workshop) used. Looking at his place in the Age of Mahogany, the importance of the Cabriol leg and his use of veneers in cabinet work and also his technical projection techniques.


Barbara Colton on The Vikings...

In this interesting lecture, CLG group member and retired archaeologist Barbara Colton explores the Vikings, passing on what is known as well as discussing what is not known.


Dan Degerman on 'Brexit Anxiety'...

Immediately after the EU referendum, people were reportedly flooding psychiatric clinics to receive care for their Brexit-related emotional suffering. Mental health experts dubbed this suffering ‘Brexit anxiety’, and warned that the anger, fear, and sadness that many people felt – especially those who had voted Remain – were incipient symptoms of mental disorder. in this talk PhD student Dan examines the use of Brexit anxiety and other ideas of mental disorder in the aftermath of the referendum, and considers how this affected some citizens’ capacity to participate in the political debate.


Moujan Mirdamadi on How Culture Shapes Depression...

Psychiatric diagnoses assume the universality of symptoms and manifestations of depression. Yet culture has an undeniable effect on articulations and manifestations of depression, as well as the attitudes and responses patients take towards the illness. In this talk PhD student Moujan explores some of the ways experiences of depression in Iran are shaped by cultural values and belief systems.

T Gatrell.jpg

Tony Gatrell on Therapeutic Mobilities and Ageing...

In this lecture Professor Tony Gatrell draws on some recent research that considers ‘getting about’ in later life. He talks less about the health benefits, which are generally well-known, and more about environmental context, social connections, enablement and disruption.

Emma Halliday.jpg

Emma Halliday on Health Inequalities...

In this lunchtime lecture, Dr Emma Halliday spoke about the health inequalities that persist in the UK and the types of actions needed to tackle this. She explored specifically how initiatives aiming to empower communities to have greater control over decisions that affect them, have the potential to improve health and help reduce the gap in health between more and less affluent parts of the country. The lecture drew upon recently completed research funded by the NIHR School for Public Health Research.


Marion McClintock on Caring for the University's Heritage...

Marion McClintock, MBE, BA, has worked for the whole of her professional life in higher education, including more than forty years at Lancaster, where she was Academic Registrar from 1994 to 2006. She is currently Honorary Archivist and Honorary Fellow of the University, as well as pursuing historical and related pursuits in Lancashire and Cumbria.

In this lecture, Marion talks about the University’s historical records; their content, conservation and significance and for the future.

Brian H.jpg

Brian Hodgson on The Philosophy of Materials...

In this lecture Dr Brian Hodgson introduces us to the philosophical approach to building and construction materials.
In the philosophy of materials a system is needed to recognise and define how materials are chosen for buildings and fittings and furniture used in those buildings. Schools of architecture (Metaphorical schools not actual ones), and design, list various criteria. These criteria are often artistic-design orientated using what Ruskin once described as probity of style instead of probity of materials.

Jim Ring.gif

Jim Ring on Examining 'The Global Minotaur' by Yanis Varoufakis...

Jim has been a member of the Continuing Learning Group for many years now, attending Lunchtime Lectures regularly and providing valuable contributions to the Research & Discussion Forum. We were very pleased to welcome him in his capacity as an educator. In this lecture, Jim outlines the contents of Yanis Varoufarkis' recent book.

religious symbols and law.jpg

Amin-Al-Astewani on English Human Rights Law and the Use of Religious Symbols...

Dr Amin-Al-Astewani's general areas of research interest focus around religion and law, and also public law. In this lecture he explores the topical area of law in relation to religious symbols which has become a talking point in recent years.

Sam C.jpg

Samuele Carcagno on Wood Choice for Acoustic Guitars & Hearing and Ageing...

Dr Samuele Carcagno's research combines behavioural and electrophysiological measures to understand the relation between the neural processing of sound and its perception. In this two part lecture, Samuele presents the results of a study in which experienced guitarists rated the sound qualities of six steel-string acoustic guitars with back plates made of different woods varying widely in monetary value, prestige, and sustainability. He then goes on to discuss factors of the ageing process that affect hearing.


Alisdair Gillespie on Cyber-Crime...

Professor Alisdair Gillespie’s main research interests relate to cyber-crime, particularly in respect of child sexual exploitation. Much of his work deals with child pornography, child grooming and child solicitation. In this lecture, Alisdair looks at the wider area of cyber crime in general.


Jack Brettle onTomorrow's World...

Dr Jack Brettle, whose background is as a materials scientist with a career which covered solid state physics, electrochemistry, surface science, biotechnology and nanotechnology, presented us with a lecture focused on the impact of information technology and genetics on future health care.

GFR_ March2013 (1).jpg

Gary Rycroft on How to Disinherit your Children...

In his interesting lecture, Gary Rycroft, a solicitor with Joseph A. Jones & Co. Solicitors takes us through a number of considerations when determining our financial legacy after death. We are introduced to aspects of the law which come into play when executing a will, how we might go about including others or, alternatively, excluding them.

L Summers.jpg

Lyn Summers on Nuclear Power and Safety...

Lyn, a retired Principal Inspector at the Health and Safety Executive's, Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (now an agency renamed the Office of Nuclear Regulation) came to explain the basics of nuclear power technology, what is meant by 'safety' and how the criteria for safety have been developed in the UK and world-wide. We then followed that with a Research & Discussion Forum where we shared our concerns and our hopes for the future.

Lara Warmelink.jpg

Lara Warmelink on Deception...

Dr Lara Warmelink's knowledge focuses on detecting lies. Her particular area of expertise is that of intentions. In this lecture, Lara looks at the types of lie we encounter, and how they are executed in social contexts.


Anne Wichman on Prosody...

Prosody, or "tone of voice", is a complex combination of pitch, loudness, speed and timbre, which serves to reinforce, or even completely change, the meaning of the words we speak. In this lecture, Professor Anne Wichman of the University of Central Lancashire discusses language, intonation and its consequences.

GB 0144180.jpg

Gill Baynes on Forensic Radiology 1 & 2...

Professor Gill Baynes presents two fascinating lectures on the subject of Forensic Radiology.

Debbie Parkinson.jpg

Debbie Parkinson on Getting Active...

Debbie Parkinson from Innovation Agency presents her Lunchtime Lecture looking at what maintaining activity can do for us.

K Elliot.jpg
Kamilla Elliott on A Tale of Two Cities...
Dr Kamilla Elliott looks at Dickens' work, A Tale of Two Cities, with particular focus on the Victorian view on identity.

Brian H.jpg
Brian Hodgson on Rococo, Hogarth and Chippendale...
Dr Brian Hodgson returns to talk to the group about the Rococo style, and in particular the furniture produced by the world famous manufacturers, Chippendale.


John Gilchrist on Einstein's General Theory of Relativity...

In this lecture, John looks at Einstein's theory 101 years on.

Thomas Mills.jpg

Thomas Mills on Trump, Brexit and the Special Relationship...

In this lecture Dr Thomas Mills explores the situation between the UK and the USA after the political developments of 2016


Garuth Chalfont on Non-Drug Treatments for Dementia...

Dr Garuth Chalfont visited us to talk about alternative approaches for the treatment of dementia.


James Dickinson on Magistracy and Sentencing...

In this session, our last on this subject, James explores the role of the Magistrate in sentencing.


James Dickinson on Introduction to Magistracy...

In this session, our second on the subject and first lecture of the new term, James sets the scene with a comprehensive introduction to Magistracy.

Christine Milligan on Older Men's Experiences of Spousal Care Giving...
In this lecture, Director of the Centre for Ageing Research (our home in Lancaster University), and good friend and supporter to the CLG, Professor Christine Milligan explores an often overlooked area of research, that of older men's experiences of spousal care giving.


James Dickinson on The History of Magistracy...

This lecture marks the beginning of a series of session which will take place next academic year on the subject of Magistracy and how it works in practice. In this session, James sets the scene with a comprehensive history of Magistracy.


Lucia Marquart on Beyond the Castle...

In this lecture, Lucia discusses the recent archaeological exploratory digs which have taken place in the grounds of Lancaster Castle/Priory. She also looks at how the 'Beyond the Castle' project is working towards further digs and a bright future for the Castle, and in turn, Lancaster as a whole.

water babies.jpg

Abigail Edmunds on The Water Babies...

In this lecture, PhD student Abigail Edmunds revisits Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies alongside a consideration of modern and Neo Victorian equivalents.

Janet and Esther.jpg

Janet Ross and Esther Nimmo on Advanced Decision Making...

In this workshop event, Janet and Esther discuss how people can let their doctors and loved ones know their wishes regarding preferred treatment and care in later life and how to make a legally binding, valid and applicable document at no cost.

G Capstick.JPG

Gail Capstick on DIY Funerals...

In this lecture, Gail questions some of the funeral practices common in this country and explores how people can, if they wish, arrange things differently either for their own funeral or that of others, without incurring such financial cost to themselves or to the environment.

S Wildman.gif

Stephen Wildman on Ruskin's Life in Pictures...

Director of the Ruskin Library and Research Centre, Professor Stephen Wildman outlines the main events and concerns in Ruskin’s life, with particular emphasis on his connections with artists such as Turner and the Pre-Raphaelites.

For more information on the works of John Ruskin at Lancaster University, please visit the main website.


Vittorio Tantucci on the Chinese Philosophy of Time...

Many (yet not all) aspects of Vittorio's research are centred on Mandarin Chinese and other Sinitic languages addressed from a typological or intercultural-pragmatic point of view. In this lecture, Vittorio explored the different understanding of time as expressed in grammatical form between the two cultures.


Sarah Zhang on the Cultural Background of the Chinese Language...

Professor Sarah Zhang, Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at Lancaster University and Professor of South China University of Technology.
visited us to discuss the cultural background of the Chinese language with a focus on the development of Chinese writing.

R Trevitt.jpg

Richard Trivett on The Lancaster Canal...

Richard Trevitt is a member of the Lancaster Canal Trust. He has had a lifelong fascination for canals, with many boating holidays. An interest in canal industrial archaeology and a career in maritime civil engineering led to an involvement with the local canal, its preservation and restoration.

The lecture covers various aspects of the development of the canal, its commercial history, the decline of its northern reaches and the move towards its restoration.


Alan Beattie on Survivor Poetry...

Professor Alan Beattie introduces us to Survivor's Poetry - poems written about their own experience by people who have undergone psychiatric treatment.


David Waines On The Travels Of Ibn Battuta...

In this lecture, David Waines looks at the life and work of Ibn Battuta who was, without doubt, one of the world's truly great travellers.

If you would like to know more about this remarkable historic figure and his fascinating travels, there are a number of excellent books available on the subject, including David Waines’ own book, ‘The Odyssey of Ibn Battuta: Uncommon Tales of a Medieval Adventurer’ available from all good bookshops and in paperback and Kindle versions.


Jenny Brine and Lynne Pickles on The Lancaster University Library Refurbishment...

Jenny and Lynne pop by to tell us all about the extensive refurbishment of our library, bringing it firmly into the 21st century.

Garrath Williams.jpg

Garrath Williams on The Politics of Obesity...

Dr Garrrath Williams discusses obesity, with particular focus on the political framework which currently exists around it.

Annie Nissen edit 2.jpg

Annie Nissen on The Cinematic Return of the Stage...

The recent cinematic turn to the stage through the National Theatre Live initiative appears to have made a return to the beginnings of film, which at that point was often seen as a form of filmed theatre. In this lecture Annie discusses the connection of stage and screen at the beginning of the 20th and 21st centuries with the help of two hybrid film-theatre adaptations of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

simon bainbridge edit.jpg

Simon Bainbridge on Wordsworth, War and Waterloo...

Drawing on materials included in the Wordsworth Trust’s exhibition ‘Wordsworth, War and Waterloo’, Simon marks the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo by considering Wordsworth’s complex response to the British victory. He shows that while best known as a nature poet, Wordsworth can also be understood as a war poet whose career and greatest works were shaped by the age of conflict in which he lived.

LGBTQ youth.jpg

Ali Hanbury & Cron Cronshaw on Trans- Identified Young People’s Experiences...

In this talk, Ali and Cron introduced the group to a number of issues which affect trans-identified young people.
These ranged from aspects of the social, through the biological and touched on the political.

Below are a selection of videos which explore the subject through the lives and experiences of real people.

Note: To see each film in full screen mode, just click the full screen button at the bottom right of each video panel.

Dawn Stobbart 5.jpg

Dawn Stobbart on Videogames and Narrative...

In this fascinating lecture, Dawn touches on aspects of her topic such as adaptation and narrative structure.

UK route map.jpg

Three Speakers from the National Grid...

Amy, Deborah and Gordon of the National Grid discuss The North-West Coast Connections Project'. They explore the project's background, the technologies involved, the development programme, engagement with communities and stakeholders and the next steps of this considerable undertaking.

Susanna Bleakley edit 2.jpgAerial-view-of-Morecambe-Bay- Copyright Joan Bryden.jpgbbcmorecambebay.gif

Susanna Bleakley on Morecambe Bay Partnership...

Susanna Bleakley of Morecambe Bay Partnership speaks about the work she does in our region. She explains some of the challenges in working with an area which spans two different counties. She tells us all about the new Bay Cycle Way, which is already attracting visitors from afar and encourages us all to think what this beautiful bay means to us.

Steve Andrews edit.jpg

Steve Andrews on The Walney Extension Wind Turbine Project...

Construction Project Manager with Dong Energy, Stephen Andrew, visited us to discuss the Walney Extension Wind Turbine Project which, in conjunction with Walney 1 and 2, will be the largest offshore wind farm in the world. Below are two short films produced to inform the public about the process of offshore wind farm construction. If you explore, you will find lots of further information on this fascinating and topical subject.

Fiona Frank.jpg

Fiona Frank on The Reluctant Environmentalist...

Dr Fiona Frank, founder of the senior education programme at Lancaster University, talks about how her Judaism, and her move into a sustainable community, has impacted positively on her life.

Patrick Bishop.jpg

Patrick Bishop on Public Services...

Dr Patrick Bishop discusses the economic models of Keynes and Hayek and explores the influence they have had on contemporary society.

GB 0144180.jpg

Gill Baynes on Medical Research...

Following on from her earlier lecture on Medical Ethics, Professor Gill Baynes discusses the tenets and application of the concept of Evidence Based Medicine. She addresses the complex logistics of researching in the NHS before moving onto some of the basic principles of research such as randomisation and "blinding".

Ella Nicki 2 .png

Ella Good and Nicki Kent on A Decade With Mars...

Bristol based artists, Ella and Nicki discuss their exciting new project focusing on the 'one way trip to Mars' applicants.
We recommend browsing their website for a full introduction to this ten year arts project which aims to engage with varied and diverse communities.

GB 0144180.jpg

Gill Baynes on Medical Ethics...

Professor Gill Baynes sets out the scope of this lecture touching on ethical matters in areas as wide and varied as risk versus benefits, ethical principles, duty of care, medical delegation and consent. Gill sites these inside a four part framework of respect for autonomy, beneficience, non-malificence and justice.

Mary S C edit2.png

Mary Searle-Chatterjee on the Origins of Muslim Civilizations...

Dr Mary Searle-Chatterjee's talk introduces the (disputed) origins of the Islamic traditions that have influenced the vast family of civilizations which have emerged among Muslim people. Interpretations of Islamic traditions vary hugely from China and Indonesia to Morocco and France. Traditions are, in any case, only one factor, among many, that shape the lives of Muslims today.


Claire Hardaker on Forensic Linguistics...

In her lecture 'Investigating Tweeting Terrorists with Forensic Linguistics', Dr Claire Hardaker of the Department of Linguistics & English Language at Lancaster University introduces Forensic Linguistics, a field that looks at the intersection between language and the law. Claire then looks at two cases of ‘Twitter Terrorism’ and considers how forensic linguistics can help.


Sam Riches on Exploring the Bestiary...

Dr Sam Riches introduces us to two excellent bestiary websites which gather together a wide range of representations of beasts, both real and imagined, along with their characteristics. Sam explains how these ideas came about and how closely linked with Christian allegory the bestiary was. Indeed, She shows us how the bestiary was a mode of representation of biblical ideas and themes made accessible and memorable to those Christians without the ability to read the messages for themselves.

The two websites used extensively by Sam to illustrate her lecture are: and


Anthony Greenwood on Developments with the Google Experience...

After the success of Anthony's previous Lunchtime Lecture, where he enlightened us to the possibilities opened up by Google's suite of software, Anthony returns to talk with us about the most recent developments.

Mary S C.png

Mary Searle-Chattergee on Travel Writing...

Debates about the imperial and euro-centric roots of modern western travel writing have often ignored traditions of travel writing in other parts of the world. The Greek, Chinese, Arab and Persian are the best-known of these. Dr Mary Searle-Chatterjee, CLG member and member of the Centre for Applied South Asian Studies, talks to us about the tradition of travel writing, it's forms and purpose.

Hilary Walklett.jpg

Hilary Walklett on Victorian Morality and Immorality...

There is a widely-held belief that Victorian Society was prudish and hypocritical, saying one thing in public and doing the opposite behind closed doors. In this lecture, Dr Hilary Walklett gives an overview of the reality behind this accusation, to see what society really felt – and did - about sex, marriage, religion, violence, alcohol and drugs.


Rory Daly on The Future of Work...

This year’s graduates will approach retirement in 2065. With developments in technology and the changing demands on employees, what should universities do to prepare their students for this work environment and what are the implications for our students’ graduates careers? What are the potential impacts of these changes for those that use services provided by graduates? In this lecture, long standing CLG supporter Rory discusses the future of work and the challenges that presents for universities.


Diane Armstrong on Becoming a Dementia Friend...

People with dementia get by with a little help from their friends. And anybody can become a Dementia Friend. It’s just about understanding a bit more about dementia and the small things you can do to help people with the condition.
Diane Armstrong visits from Age UK to help us understand more about the various forms of dementia.

Brian Hodgson thumbnail.JPG

Brian Hodgson on Seating from Antiquity...

Following the completion of his doctorate, Dr Brian Hodgson returns to give us a background to the research journey he has taken and present a lecture on the origin of some of the seating designs which are so familiar to us today.

Frances Sapsford.jpgbrain words.jpg

Frances Sapsford on Neuroplasticity...

Frances, starts our new academic year with a highly engaging lecture looking at Neuroplasticity.

Lectures from 2013/2014 Academic Year:

Franco 2 edit.JPG

Franco Manni on England as Seen by an Italian...

As Franco's time here draws to a close, for the time being at least, he discusses his observations of England.

Franco Manni On England as Seen by an Italian by CLG

Hilary Walklett.jpgLenin pic.jpg

Hilary Walklett on Vladimir Lenin...

Historian, Hilary Walklett returns to the CLG to give the first of two lectures on Russian communist revolutionary, politician and political theorist Vladimir Lenin.

Part 1

Hilary Walklate on Vladimir Lenin - Part 1 of 2 by CLG

Part 2

Hilary Walklate on Vladimir Lenin - Part 2 of 2 by CLG

Upland Pete.jpg

Peter Schofield on Landscape Archeology...

Peter Schofield from Oxford Archeology discusses his work and some recent projects which have taken place in the north of England. For more information on Peter's work, and some beautiful photographs visit his excellent blog:

Peter Schofield On Landscape Archeology by Continuing Learning Group

Andy Hornby Group edit.jpg

Andy Hornby on The Winders of Wyresdale...

Musician and Historian, Andy visits to talk to us about the Winder family who lived locally and left a great legacy of written music for us all to enjoy.

Andy Hornby On The Music Of Wyresdale by Continuing Learning Group

Val Bissland.jpg

Val Bissland on Memory...

Val visits from Strathclyde University to talk to us about memory and the brain. You can also download the accompanying PDF of Val's slides.

Val Bissland On Memory by Continuing Learning Group

DSCN2767 edit 2.JPG

Trevor Crawford on Eye Gaze in Dementia Research...

Dr Trevor Crawford discusses the possibilities of early diagnosis of dementia through eye testing.

Trevor Crawford On Eye Gaze In Dementia Research by Continuing Learning Group

Fiona Frank.jpgHalton Mill.jpg

Fiona Frank on Halton Mill...

Fiona, founder of the SLP (the precursor to the CLG) discusses the revitalisation and reinvention of the characterful old riverside mill.

Fiona Frank On Halton Mill by Continuing Learning Group


Noel Cass on the 'Less is More' Game...

Dr Noel Cass discusses an exciting new project he and Liz Horn are involved with, which aims to bring together all generations with a focus on sustainability.

Noel Cass on The Less Is More Game by Continuing Learning Group

Dawn Keyse 1.jpg

Dawn Keyse on Nutrition and Wellbeing...

Dawn, from Dacrelands Health Centre, talks about the importance of keeping our cells in good condition, the right kind of fats and doing the best you can with the resources you have.

Dawn Keyse On Nutrition And Wellbeing by Continuing Learning Group


John Welshman on Titanic: The Last Night of a Small Town...

Historian, Dr John Welshman, returns to discuss his recent book about the ill-fated liner.

John Welshman On Titanic Book by Continuing Learning Group

Franco 2 edit.JPG

Franco Manni on Tolkien and the History of Philosophy...

Franco presents a second lecture on Tolkien. In this lecture he explores the total absence of any mention of philosophers, past and present, in Tolkien's works. A full transcript of the lecture above is downloadable.

Franco Manni On Tolkien And The History Of Philosophy by Continuing Learning Group


Anthony Greenwood on The Google Experience...

Anthony presents an accessible, general introduction to the Google suite of programs, including Gmail, Google+ (social media) and cloud storage.

Anthony Greenwood On The Google Experience by Continuing Learning Group

Dot Boughton.jpg

Photos of the Silverdale Hoard reproduced with kind permission from © Peter Schofield

Dot Boughton on The Silverdale Hoard...

Dot, finds liaison officer at Lancaster Museum, discusses this remarkable find of outstanding historic artifacts.

Dot Boughton on The Silverdale Hoard - edit 1 by Continuing Learning Group


Amanda Bingley on Working in a Rural Environment...

Amanda explores the positives and negatives of working in a rural environment and calls for an awareness of what might be needed to improve the shortcomings of this type of work.

Amanda Bingley On Working In A Rural Environment by Continuing Learning Group

Celia Cole 2.JPG

Celia Cole on Life, Ruskin and Hogarth...

Group member Celia returns from completing her degree at Ruskin College, Oxford to tell us about her adventure.

Celia Cole On Life Ruskin And Hogarth by Continuing Learning Group

Franco 2 edit.JPG

Franco Manni - An Overview Of The Ethical-Political History Of Italy...

Visiting Lecturer and Steering Group member Franco discusses Italy in ethical, political, cultural and historic terms.
With an introduction by Janet Ross-Mills. The transcript of the lecture is downloadable.

Mills Introduces Francos Italian Lecture by Continuing Learning Group

Franco Manni on the Ethical-Political History of Italy by Continuing Learning Group

J F Arcuri.JPG

Juliano Ferreira Arcuri on Assessing Exercise Capacity in Healthy Older People...

Juliano, visiting Lecturer from the University of São Carlos discusses assessment and reproducibility in exercise testing of older people with particular focus on the Six Minute Step Test.
Why not download the accompanying PDF document to enhance your enjoyment of the lecture recording.

Juliano Arcuri On Assessing Excercise Capacity In Healthy Older People by Continuing Learning Group

DSCF4691 Poster 1.JPG
DSCF4714 Critical Strength Level Graph.JPG
DSCF4691 Profile edit 1.JPG
DSCF4715 cuppola diagram.JPG
Sue Dewhurst and Theo Bampouras on Balance in Older Age...
Visiting Lecturers from the University of Cumbria discuss the problem of ageing on our balance and how we can address the issues that arise.

Sue Dewhurst And Theo Bampouras On Balance In Older Age by Continuing Learning Group

University of Cumbria Active Ageing Research Group
C/O Dr Susan Dewhurst
01524 590839external image call_skype_logo.png01524 590839

Franco 2 edit.JPG

Franco Manni on Tolkien and The Second World War...

Visiting Lecturer and Steering Group Member Franco discusses Tolkien's outstanding work The Lord of the Rings
in the context of the Second World War. The transcript of the lecture is downloadable.

Franco Manni On Tolkien And The Second World War by Continuing Learning Group

Dave and Janet Profile Pic.jpg

David Pedder and Janet Ross-Mills on Online Learning Opportunities...

Steering Group Members Dave and Janet look at online education resources available for free.
You are welcome to download the handout (above) and keep it for future reference.
David Pedder and Janet Ross Mills on Online Learning Opportunities by Continuing Learning Group

Marije Michel.jpg

Marije Michel on Second Language Learning...

Marije talks about the truths and myths around second language learning.
Marije Michel on Second Language Learning by Continuing Learning Group

Dymock pic edit.jpg

Jeff and Christine Cooper on The Dymock Poets...

Jeff and Christine introduce us to this innovative group of poets based around Dymock in Gloucestershire in the run up to the First World War.

Jeff and Christine Cooper on The Dymock Poets by Continuing Learning Group

Hilary Walklett.jpg Jigger small.JPG Spelk small.JPG

Hilary Walklett on Jiggers and Spelks of Morecambe Bay...

Hilary talks about the history of our beautiful bay.

Hilary Walklett on Jiggers and Spelks of Morecambe Bay by Continuing Learning Group

Elena Semino.jpg

Elena Semino on Why Metaphor Matters...

Elena discusses the use of metaphor in creative writing.

Elena Semino on Why Metaphor Matters by Continuing Learning Group


Brian Hodgson thumbnail.JPG

Brian Hodgson on The Geometry of Gothic...

Brian discusses proportions and geometric construction techniques in Gothic architecture.

Brian Hodgson on The Geometry of Gothic by Continuing Learning Group

Unfortunately, the accompanying illustrations from this lecture can't be posted until such time as Brian has completed his PhD.
We hope to add a selection of illustrations to the archive in the future.


George Savona on Art and the Russian Revolution...

George, co author of Theatre As Sign-System: A Semiotics of Text and Performance, discusses the varied forms of art during the Russian Revolution. (from Feb 2013)

George Savona on Art and the Russian Revolution by Continuing Learning Group

The Q+A session...

Art and the Russian Revolution Q and A by Continuing Learning Group


Rachel Cooper on DSM 5...

Rachel discusses the forthcoming fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. (from Jan 2013)

Rachel Cooper on DSM 5 by Continuing Learning Group


Anthony Greenwood on Data Organisation...

Anthony discusses good practice in relation to your computer and your files. (from Feb 2013)

Anthony Greenwood on Data Organisation by Continuing Learning Group

Hilary Walklett.jpgTrotsky pic.jpg

Hilary Walklett on Leon Trotsky...

Hilary discusses the life and times of Leon Trotsky. (from Jan 2013)

Hilary Walklett on Leon Trotsky by Continuing Learning Group

George Henson Interview...

This is an audio interview which was conducted recently with Steering Group member George Henson on the subject of 'Learning Methods'.
The interviewer is David Pedder.

Thoughts 1 George Henson CLG short film_0001 by CLGshortfilms

Empire: Putin's Russia

As Vladimir Putin begins his third term as Russian president, we ask if Russia can become a superpower once again.

We are currently looking at the possibility of creating a series of short, peer education video lectures for inclusion on the site. Below is a prototype. If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism, why not drop us a line. We would welcome your thoughts. Email....

Narration is by Mark Cooke
Editing and Production is by David Pedder

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Archive of Lunchtime Lecture Recordings and PowerPoint Presentations ....

Franco Manni on England as Seen by an Italian

Hilary Walklate on Vladimir Lenin - Part 1 of 2

Hilary Walklate on Vladimir Lenin - Part 2 of 2

Peter Schofield on Landscape Archeology

Andy Hornby on the Music of Wyresdale

Val Bissland on Memory

Trevor Crawford on Eye Gaze in Dementia Research

Fiona Frank on Halton Mill

Noel Cass on The Less is More Game

Dawn Keyse on Nutrition and Wellbeing

John Welshman on Titanic Book.

Franco Manni on Tolkien and the History of Philosophy

Anthony Greenwood on The Google Experience

Amanda Bingley on Working in a Rural Environment

Celia Cole on Life, Ruskin and Hogarth

Janet Ross-Mills Introduces Franco Manni's Italy Lecture

Franco Manni - an Overview of the Ethical-Political History of Italy

Juliano Ferreira Arcuri on Assessing Exercise Capacity in Healthy Older People

Sue Dewhurst and Theo Bampouras on Balance in Older Age

Franco Manni on Tolkien and The Second World War

David Pedder and Janet Ross-Mills on Online Learning Opportunities

Marije Michel on Second Language Learning

Jeff and Christine Cooper on The Dymock Poets

Elena Semino on Why Metaphor Matters

Brian Hodgson on The Geometry of Gothic

George Savona on Art and the Russian Revolution

George's PowerPoint presentation

Anthony Greenwood on Data Organisation

Rachel Cooper on DSM 5

Alison Findlay on Desecrated Ceremonies in Macbeth

Empire - Putin's Russia Programme

Discussion on Empire - Putin's Russia Programme

Jan Maskell on The Cohousing Project

Jan Maskell PowerPoint Presentation

Hilary Walklett on The Russian Revolution

Hilary Walklett on Leon Trotsky

Hilary Walklett on Jiggers and Spelks of Morecambe Bay

Eleanor Rycroft on The Witch of Edmonton

John Burgoyne on the History of Management in the North West

Preview for Mark Rotherham's Film 'TCL Unleashing'

Mark Rotherham and the CLG Discuss Transition City Lancaster

Brian Hodgson on Creativity and Craftsmanship

John Burgoyne on Leadership and the Economic Crisis

Dr Kathleen Richardson (UCL), Will Robots Take Over The World

Group Discussion on Robots

Ali Birkett on Dung Beetles in UK Uplands

Ricardo Lima on Sao Tome (lecture)

Ricardo's PowerPoint Presentation (slides)

Brian Hodgson on Trees to Furniture

Jill Robinson on Balearic Summer School 2011

George Savona on Social Functions of Greek Drama

Becky Messham on Flood Damage

Becky's PowerPoint Presentation

Susie Balderston on Disablist Hate Crime

Brian Hodgson On Furness Abbey

David Jackson on Music For Everybody

Liz Oakley-Brown on Shakespeare (Powerpoint)

Greg Myers on Wikipedia (Lecture)

Greg Myers on Wikipedia (PowerPoint presentation)

SEVOCA Visitor's Lecture on Hungary

Liz Fawcett on The Jack Hylton Collection

John Schad on the Ill-Fated Performance of Godot, Blackpool, 1956

Sally Watson on Leadership in a Changing World

Fiona Frank on Jewish Immigration to Scotland: Anatomy of a PhD. (Lecture)

Fiona Frank PowerPoint Presentation (slides)

Brian Hodgson on Doctoral Studies of Gothic Buildings

Roger Pickup on Mountain Rescue

John Burgoyne on Expertise
John Burgoyne on Networks and Networking

Mike Roberts on Chemical Warfare in Plants (Lecture
Mike Roberts Chemical Warfare in Plants (Slides)

Kamilla Elliot on Turning Books Into Films

David Milman on Debt (Lecture)
David Milman Handout (Word Document)
D Milman Handout - Legal Mechanisms to Deal with Debt.doc

Daphne Wallace on Personhood and Conitive Decline (Lecture)
Daphne Wallace Presentation (PowerPoint Slides)

Link to the Digital Lecture on 'Linked Data' by Tim Berners-Lee
CLG discussion on 'Linked Data'

Link to the Digital Lecture on 'Wikileaks' with Julian Assange
CLG discussion on 'Wikileaks'

Jenny Brine's talk on the Library

SEVOCA Students' talk on Hungary

Jill Robinson on the Third Balearic Summer School

Jill's PowerPoint Presentation

Rory Daly on The Senior Guides Project

Dr Karenza Moore's Lecture on Mobiles and the Night Time Economy

Dr Garrath Williams Lecture on Hannah Arendt

Dr Garrath Williams' Lecture on Arendt and Heidegger

Dr John Welshman's Lecture on Evacuations of WWII

Dr Roger Kemp's Lecture on Meeting The Climate Change Act (lecture)

Dr Roger Kemp's PowerPoint Presentation (slides)

Professor Malcolm Joyce's Lecture on Viscosity and Swallowing

Dr Katherine Froggatt's Lecture on End of Life Care

Dr Hilary Hinds' Lecture on Social Uses of Twin Beds

Dr Danny Soetanto's Lecture on Networks and Networking