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Lancaster University Continuing Learning Group meets in Fylde College Lecture Theatre 3 (except 15th Feb, see PageD), which is roughly half way along the South Spine (marked in bright green on the map above).

By Public Transport…

Take the University bus (2, 2A, 3, 4) which stops in the underpass, below Alex Square on campus. Take the steps or the lift from the underpass up into Alexandra Square. Go across the square and between the trees and flower beds onto the South Spine.

Walk down the spine for about 4 minutes, past Pizzetta Republic until you come to a covered area, some steps and a clear perspex walkway. This is FyldeCollege. Don’t venture down the steps. Instead go through the wood and glass double doors to the left of the steps which lead to a grey carpeted corridor. The meeting room is along the corridor, at the end, on the right. It will be clearly marked.

By Car…

Go up the main drive (Bigforth Drive) to the roundabout. Take the right hand exit and park in the area near the basketball courts.

There is parking on Farrer Avenue and Gillow Avenue (both by the old Sports Centre) andSouth West Drive (there is also parking on South East Drive, though this is considerably further away).

Walk in front of the old Sports Centre (Farrer Avenue) then either up the Perspex walkway or use the steps. Go in through the wood and glass double doors which are on your right when you have walked up the steps.

Disability Access…

Wheelchair access is gained by travelling across Fylde College courtyard, down the slope towards the Porter’s Lodge and then back across the courtyard opposite the Lodge. Access onto the grey carpeted corridor is via a single wood and glass door. Turn left and the meeting room is at the end on the right. It will be clearly marked.

Should you come from Alexandra Square rather than parking in the South West Drive area, there is a wheelchair lift at the far end of the balcony above Pizzetta Republic which will take you down to the level below.

If you feel you might require assistance, please contact the CLG Steering Group beforehand and we will be happy to provide a P.A. to facilitate.