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I hope you’ve had a good break and are ready for an action packed new term with the Continuing Learning Group.

Our new term begins this coming Wednesday (17th January 2018) with Dr Sam Clark of the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University. Sam will present his Lunchtime Lecture, 'Transformative Experience'.

Some experiences—becoming a parent, fighting in a war, becoming seriously ill—are transformative in a double sense: (1) you can’t know what they’re like until you have them; and (2) you are changed by them—maybe so much that you’re a different person afterwards. This talk explores some examples and consequences of transformative experience.

Sam is interested in the self; in good and bad lives it might lead; in its reflexive powers and practices; in the roles of experience, reflection, and institutions in its development and success; and in how to do philosophy so as to advance our understanding of these issues.

These interests have lead Sam to think, write, and teach about capitalism and anarchism; utopias, dialogues, and autobiographies; well-being, pleasure, and self-realization; self-knowledge, self-interpretation, and self-command; the lives and experiences of monks, soldiers, hermits, and solo travellers; and the transformative effects of work and war.

His current work is philosophy of and through autobiography, and as part of it Sam has published articles in journals including Inquiry, Ratio, Res Publica, and The Journal of Applied Philosophy, and in the Blackwell Companion to John Stuart Mill. He is currently writing a book about autobiography, narrative, and self-realization, under the working title Good Lives: see https://goodlivesbook.wordpress.com/

We will follow Sam’s lecture with the Research & Discussion Forum, where attendees will have the chance to continue discussion around the themes of the lecture.

Events will take place in Fylde Lecture Theatre 3 from 1pm onwards.

If you would like to see the term’s programme of Lunchtime Lectures you can do so here:


Other News…

You may be familiar with our group member, Dr Mary Searle-Chatterjee, who has also provided us with a number of excellent lectures. Well, Mary has asked me to tell you about a forthcoming lecture series she has organised…

Rethinking British Imperial History

This four week course will take place at Halton Mill, created and presented by Dr Mary Searle-Chatterjee, formerly of Manchester University Centre for Applied South Asian Studies.

This lecture/discussion course will examine current conflicting interpretations of Britain’s rise to power. Topics will include:

* The World before British and European Empires

* Theories of British exceptionalism (cultural, institutional, environmental)

* Political/economic critiques of theories of exceptionalism, and

* Lancashire textiles and the Indian connection.

Mary is a fascinating lecturer and there’ll be lots of chance for discussion and argument.

Book at: greenelephantcoop@gmail.com

Or alternatively…

Tel. 07778737681

There is a £40 charge for the course.

The course is to be offered twice:

1) Tuesday mornings 10.30 – 12.30 (Feb. 20 and 27 and March 6 and 8)

2) Tuesday evenings 7-9 (April 17 and 24 and May 1 and 8)

Thanks for your attention.

Here’s wishing us all a truly great 2018!


(on behalf of the CLG Steering Group)

Creative Adventures in Dementia
A Life More Ordinary Festival
17 & 18 May 2018
The Dukes, Lancaster

Still Me.jpg

Still Me Multi- Arts Group, The Dukes

The Dukes are thrilled to present a unique 2 day exploration of how the arts are touching the lives of people living with dementia in wonderful and remarkable ways.

‘A Life More Ordinary’ at The Dukes in Lancaster invites people living with dementia, family, friends, health and care professionals, artists, researchers and clinical commissioning teams to share and discover some of the ground-breaking ways that the arts help us to understand dementia better and play an invaluable part in how we journey through life together.

This event will include keynote speakers, performances and workshops by some of the most pioneering artists, practitioners, researchers and extraordinary people working with people with dementia, in a variety of settings and in unique ways.

Please join us to share your insights.

A Life More Ordinary is a 3 year project led by The Dukes, which aims to improve the lives of people with dementia and memory loss and their friends and families by providing fun creative activities and film screenings in an adapted environment. The programme currently has 13 partner venues across the UK.

There are a limited number of Early Bird tickets available until January 2018.
General release tickets will be announced soon; keep posted for updates, key note speakers and activities.

To book Early Bird tickets to A Life More Ordinary Festival visit http://bit.ly/2iJD5Jp

Find out more about A Life More Ordinary: http://bit.ly/2AqdDmM

For further information contact: ggraystone@dukes-lancaster.org

Interview with George...

This is an audio interview conducted a few years ago with our friend George Henson on the subject of 'Learning Methods' in which George told us a little about his life.
The interviewer is David Pedder.

Thoughts #1 George Henson CLG short film_0001 by CLGshortfilms

An Outline of the CLG...

The Continuing Learning Group is an educational group based at Lancaster University aimed primarily at those middle aged and beyond, but open to everyone.

We are an independent group based in the Centre for Ageing Research (C4AR) in the University's
School of Health and Medicine.

In this Wikispace we aim to provide information and resources for those either enrolled on the
education programme, those who just want casual involvement or even those just browsing the web.
All are welcome.

This is a place to find up-to-date news and information relevant to older learners, listen to
lecture recordings, enjoy presentations etc.

This site exists for your benefit.
We hope you enjoy it!


A varied selection of Lunchtime Lectures delivered by academics take place during term times on

Wednesdays at 1pm in Fylde Lecture Theatre 3 including Question and Answer Sessions.

This is then followed by the Research & Discussion Forum, also in Fylde Lecture Theatre 3.

If you're planning to attend either or both of the above, check the programme:

Lunchtime Lectures

Research & Discussion Forum


If you would like to contact us direct, you can do so by sending an email to:


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At the end of a week in which we learned that Hillary Clinton is to quit politics to open the world’s largest donkey sanctuary, and a parliamentary inquiry has been opened into the growing phenomenon of so-called "fake news", we look back over the last week with the CLG and look forward to the coming week.

Last week…

Last Wednesday, Professor Gill Baynes presented the first of her two lectures on Forensic Radiology.
Gill expertly took us through the elements of radiology which are used to determine gender, such as pelvic width and skull details. We then moved on to age determination based on bone development and also looked at ethnicity indicators.
There were some challenging photos in the presentation illustrating the types of case that Forensic Radiologists deal with. For the benefit of the sensitive amongst us, Gill was kind enough to warn us beforehand. This was a fascinating start to the two lecture series, and we look forward to Gill’s next lecture, which will take place on Wednesday 15th February 2017.

We followed on from Gill’s lecture with a vibrant and far reaching discussion in the RDF….

I will post the audio recording of the lecture on our website in due course:

This week…

This coming Wednesday (8th February 2017) Debbie Parkinson (Innovation Agency) & Andrew Michaelson (Care Innovation) visit to present their session, 'Get Active: Improving Physical Fitness and Quality of Life through Group Activity'.

A little information about ‘Care Innovation’...

"Care Innovation is an assistive technology solution founded by specialists in practical technology-enabled care solutions that engage, support and benefit people with the widest possible range of needs. Care Innovation’s flagship programme is Get Active, an innovative digital physical activity service that supports groups or individuals. Get Active can transform health and wellbeing across a wide range of ages and needs through directed physical fitness promotion aimed at extending healthy lifespan and addressing issues such as social isolation and digital exclusion."

A little information on ‘The Innovation Agency’...

"We are the Academic Health Science Network for the North West Coast, covering Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and South Cumbria, with around 4.1 million residents. Our footprint includes 22 NHS providers, 20 CCGs, nine universities and a large number of life science industry partners.

Our core purpose is to spread innovation, improve health, and generate economic growth.
We are catalysts for the spread of innovation at pace and scale - improving health, generating economic growth and helping facilitate change across whole health and social care economies.
We connect regional networks of NHS and academic organisations, local authorities, the third sector and industry - responding to the diverse needs of our patients and populations through partnership and collaboration.
We create the right environment for relevant industries to work with the health and social care system.​"

Following the lecture session there will be the Research & Discussion Forum where attendees will get chance to discuss many of the ideas raised.

We hope you can join us.



(on behalf of the CLG Steering Group)